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Date Added: 17/06/2019
Badly worn chair arm savedread more

Date Added: 30/05/2019
Sofa Colour Revivalread more

Date Added: 16/05/2019
Radiator Paint on Leatherread more

Date Added: 06/05/2019
Fourteen year old sofa brought back to liferead more

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Badly worn/faded arm from a chesterfield sofaread more

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Collapsed Leather Sofa Restoredread more

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Fully restored sofa with new foams/fillingsread more

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Colour change - button back chairread more

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Chair restorationread more

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Stressless Easy chair with matching footstoolread more

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Suite with serious pet and general wear damageread more

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Autumn Leather Careread more

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Pet damage


Before and after.

No New Leather was used to do this repair, carried out in customers residence;
Customer very pleased and gave us more work to do on a collapsed sofa base cushion.


Date Added: 17/06/2019

Badly worn chair arm saved


Here is a badly worn arm which was in dire needs of repair!! Our expert technician cut out the damaged piece of leather (about the size of a tea plate) then proceeded to graft a new piece of leather into the prepared area for an invisible repair, then re-dyed the whole arm to blend with rest of armchair saving this chair from disposal.


Date Added: 30/05/2019

Sofa Colour Revival


Here is another of our expert repairs!

This sofa has suffered years of wear and tear plus pet damaged! We repaired this sofa WITHOUT CHANGING ANY LEATHER! And gave the whole front of sofa a colour revival, bringing sofa back to life.

Customer highly delighted and said it far exceeded her expectations!

Job took 3 hours and done in customers house . NO MESS or FUSS By


Date Added: 16/05/2019