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Badly worn/faded arm from a chesterfield sofa


This is the badly worn/faded arm from a chesterfield sofa of 1980 vintage.

This type of damage was caused by using LEATHER WIPES to clean The arm!!  The wipes have removed the leather topcoat exposing the base coat.  We expertly re-dyed the affected area and blended the two tone dyes to perfectly match up to the rest of the sofa (Factory dyes only were used).

Here is a tip: Never use LEATHER WIPES ON YOUR LEATHER FURNITURE as the wipes overtime destroy the protective clear coat film that is applied at the factory!
Use a damp cloth only then apply conditioner.

No new leather was used on this repair.


Date Added: 30/03/2019

Collapsed Leather Sofa Restored


This is a recent structural repair we carried out (in customers house!).

The whole spring/elastic webbing has collapsed, along with the timber cross members misaligned,  Our customer has attempted to repair the sofa himself with bits of bed boards, bungee cords etc etc.

As the cushions on reverse were fine... we stripped out the entire base and rebuilt it giving this Leather sofa a new lease of life... We use Pirelli Webbing on ALL our repairs no Chinese copy stuff!!.

Customer well pleased! Job took 2 hours with 2 Technicians.


Date Added: 27/03/2019

Fully restored sofa with new foams/fillings


This sofa has had a very hard life as you can observe on before picture! After 15 years of use with Cats/Dogs/Kids etc.

However this sofa in its day was very high end (£2100) our customer called us LEATHERTONE (1974) to see if we could help?

Well as you can see YES we fully restored the sofa with new foams/fillings; We repaired all the facial damage to leather surface . Then re- dyed leather back to factory finished (100% colour matched) took 6 hours.

We always re-cycle using existing hides.


Date Added: 21/03/2019